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A Blessing In The Lesson

There Are More Times In Our Lives Than Not That We Are Disappointed, Angry, Or Even Humiliated As We Are Trying To Walk Out Our Life’s Purpose. But, When This Happens How Do We Proceed? Is There A Lesson To Be Learned? And, If So How Can There Be A Blessing In The Lesson? We Start To Question Ourselves Asking, “Why Did This Happen To Me? And, What Am I Going To Do About It?” It Was May 11, 2018 And I Was In Memphis, Tn Preparing And Unpacking Boxes That I Had Delivered To My Mother’s House For My Strengthen The Bond Mother/Daughter Luncheon. I Actually Made It To Town May 10 th But, That Day Was Spent With My Mom And My Granddaughter Hanging Out And Having Fun. I Told My Mom I Would Get Up Early The Next Morning And Start Getting Things Ready For My Event. So, That’s Exactly What I Did.

May 11 th , I Got Up Early Unpacking Boxes, Preparing Gift Bags, And Pulling Out Decorations For The Event. I Took A Couple Of Breaks In Between But My Daughter and Myself Worked All Day. As I Was Getting Down To The Last Couple Of Boxes I Noticed That My Books That I Had Written And Some More Of My Decorations Were Missing. I Looked And I Looked And After A While I Noticed I Was Looking For My Lost Items In The Same Two Boxes That Was Left; Knowing, That They Were Not Inside Of Them. I Became Mad Then Angry That My Books Were Stolen. Someone Stole That Particular Box From My Mother’s Porch. No, They Didn’t Know What They Were Stealing But They Could Have Brought The Books Back Once They Realized That It Was Probably Not What They Wanted…Wishful Thinking On My Part!

It Was Too Late To Call The Post Office To Have Them Track The Shipment So That Frustrated Me More. Then, I Thought Although The Thief Stole Thirty Books From Me And I Would Not Let Him Or Her Steal My Joy. I Finally Calmed Down And Got My Self Together. On The Day Of The Event I Told Everyone Why I Was No Longer Doing A Book Signing But, They Could Still Make A Purchase. Therefore, When I Returned Home I Would Sign And Put Their Books In The Mail. Also, I Told Them “Just Because The Devil Meant It For Bad God Is Turning Things Around For The Good. This Event Will Be A Success Because I Won’t Have It Any Other Way.” The People Came They Enjoyed The Message And Some Of Them Even Said That “The Message That Was Conveyed Was Meant Just For Them.” That’s All I Could Ask For!

Now I Could Have Walked Around Mad All Day But That Was Giving That Particular Ordeal To Much Attention. The Lesson: The Next Time I Ship Anything Have It Sent To The Post Office Or Have The Receiver To Sign For It.

The Blessing: The People Came And They Received A Great Message And Some Of Them Even Said “The Message Was Just For Them.” In Life We Are Going To Be Faced With Different Dilemmas’ But It’s How We React To That Particular Situation. Yes, We’re Human So We May Become Upset. However, We Have To Control Those Mixed And Emotional Feelings Before It Controls Us. We Have To Let It Go Or Deal With The Outcome In A Non Stressful Way.

Author Melanie D.

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