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The Predictable Is Not So Predictable

There are certain times when our lives seem so predictable. We know what’s going on from one day to the next which, isn’t a bad thing it is just a routine thing. Routines are a sequence of tasks or duties that are performed regularly. It’s normally done without any thought and/or it can be habitual. For instance, my morning routine after I rise is to pray and read a scripture. I do this between 4:30 and 6:30 a.m., without thinking and it’s predictable of me to some of my family members. So, when someone in my family calls me around 6:30ish and I’m still asleep their first word is “I’m surprised! I thought you would’ve been up by now.”

But, what about when predictability is not so predictable anymore? Or, when the predictable change and it changes suddenly? Or, when the change happens, and it catches you off guard?

August 5, 2018 I was flying from Atlanta to Chicago. My routine for flying is to purchase roundtrip coach tickets unless I decide to fly first or business class. However, lately I had been praying that God make some changes in my life and I wanted them done suddenly. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until I was in Atlanta and heard one of my peers say that she had prayed to fly first class and how God answered her prayer. Her husband which is a frequent flyer first class traveler allows her to use his first-class privileges. She didn’t care how she got to fly first class she was just glad she was. I too remembered praying that prayer in the past but it wasn’t until she mentioned it, that I would pray that prayer again.

Therefore, when I rose that morning and asked God to make changes in my life suddenly I was surprised and shocked when I was about to board a full capacity plane and the ticket agent gave me another ticket. The other agent laughed while they both looked at me and smiled. As, I was boarding the plane I looked at my ticket and noticed the agent had upgraded me from 16F to 2A. I went from being part of the last to the first! I went from being in coach to business class! I went from flying predictable to unpredictable! I went from being in a habitual situation to an unexpected situation! I went from praying to God privately to Him acknowledging and blessing me publicly and, me thanking Him openly. All I could say is “sometimes the predictable is not always predictable.” Change is inevitable, and it happens sometimes when we least expect it. Thank You Lord!

Author Melanie D.

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