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Move Pass The Agony Of Your Past

What’s In Your Past That’s Holding You Hostage? What’s In Your Past That’s Holding You Back And Keeping You Down? What’s In Your Past That You Feel You Can’t Let Go Of? So, Your Past Have You And You Don’t Have It? I Know, It’s Easier Said Than Done To Move Past Something That Caused You So Much Agony And Pain. I Know Personally That Every Time You Move Forward There Can Be Something That Hits You In The Gut; Which, Pulls You Back. Or, The Pain Of That Punch Can Hurt So Bad That You’re Bent Over And You Become Stuck. I Can Assure You That Those Mental Shackles Can Be Broken And You Can Be Set Free…If, You Will Let It Go.

I Ran Into One Of My Old Colleagues At The Mall. I Asked About His Wife And He Told Me That His Wife Had An Affair; And, Out Of That Affair A Child Was Produced. I Was Stunned, I Was Baffled, And, My Heart Cried Out For Him. I Stood There For Two Minutes With My Mouth Wide Open Dealing With The Shock Of What I Just Heard. He Poured His Heart Out To Me And I Was Literally Lost For Words. I Started Thinking To Myself, “Lord, Please Don’t Let Him Ask Me What Should He Do!” Then, He Asked Me That Million Dollar Question, “What Would You Do If You Were In That Situation?” I Was Thinking To Myself “Lord, I Said I Didn’t Want Him To Ask Me What Should He Do.” The Holy Spirit Answered Me Loudly Saying “He Didn’t Ask You What Should He Do, He Asked You What Would You Do?”

I Wanted To Run Away From Him As He Stood There Staring Me In My Face. The Holy Spirit Then Whispered, “Listen My Child You Know What To Say.” I Kept Thinking; Lord, No I Don’t!! But, I Took Him By The Hand And Asked If I Could Pray For Him And He Said Yes. So, I Prayed And Afterwards I Asked Him “Do You Still Love Your Wife And Do You Want To Make Your Marriage Work”? I Then Asked, “Do You Have Faith That God Can Help You Move Pass Your Past With Your Help?” He Answered As Honest As He Could, He Said “I Need Help Trusting Her Again.” I Told Him, “I Understand And It’s Not Going To Be Easy!” My Next Question To Him Was, “Are You In Counseling?” His Response Was, “No!”

I Told My Friend I Would Help Him Find A Spiritual Counselor And That I Would Give Him The Number To A Corporate Prayer Line Because He Needed Prayer Daily.” I Told Him That I Will Pray With Him And For Him. I Also Told Him To Allow Himself To Grieve And Heal. Then, I Told Him That He And His

Wife Must Go To Counseling Together, They Must Worship And Find A Church Together, And They Must Lie Prostrate Before God Together And Pray. He Must Also Ask The Lord To Forgive Him Of His Sins As Well As Helping Himself To Forgive Her Of Her Sins. I Said “When A Family Is Not Under The Will Of God There Can Be Chaos With The Children, Confusion And Strife In The Household, And Deception In The Marriage.” But, As Long As You Follow God Then “You Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthens You.” The Last Thing I Told Him Was “Although Satan Meant To Destroy You, You Will Swim You Will Not Sink, And The Weapon That Was Formed Against You Will Not Prosper...That’s Biblical.” You Will Ask God For Strength To Help You To Move Pass The Agony Of The Past And Don’t Remind Your Wife Of Her Past In The Future. Let It Go So That You Two Can Heal.” He Said With A Huge Smile On His Face, “Thank You!”

As My Friend And Myself Parted Ways I Went To My Car And Cried For Him. I Was Sad For Him. But, As I Was Listening To My Radio I Heard This Minister Saying “Do Not Take Your Past Into Your Future.” That Was A Confirmation For Me. Then, I Started Rejoicing For Him And Praising God For Letting Me Be There For Him. I’m So Glad That I Didn’t Get In My Own Way And Say Something That Wasn’t A Representation Of God To Him. Ooooooh Weeeeeee Thank YouLord.

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