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Melanie D. Phillips

Founder, Best Selling Author

Our Story

On January 6, 2017, founder Melanie D. Phillips stepped out on faith and started Strengthen The Bond. Her vision was birthed out of the desire to create outlets and opportunities to  help Mothers and Daughters connect, heal and celebrate each other while strengthening their bonds. It's first Mother/ Daughter luncheon was held in Memphis, TN. It was full of memorable moments, a powerful message, great food and a true celebration between mothers and daughters. Strengthen The Bond hosts: annual luncheons, quarterly events, discussion groups, volunteering opportunities and more.

Check out the experiences below, and stay tuned for updates, new blog posts and events happening in your city.

Melanie D. Phillips

Founder, Best Selling Author



Since the beginning of time prayers and poems have always been the manner in which people express their feelings and emotions. In this book, “And Your God Shall Be My God,” mothers and daughters came together to take us on an intimate journey expressing their love, hurt, pain, and forgiveness through poems and sharing their prayers for each other.

Yet, this book is not just for biological moms. Although, that mom may have given birth; it takes a special person to love, raise, influence, and help create and/or start the life for that daughter that she can call her own. No matter the situation or circumstance mothers and daughters share an unconventional or a personal bond.


M.O.D.A. words of wisdom

Mother and Daughter words of wisdom

Learn How To Master The Way You Think And Speak To Each Other. So That You Can Positively Speak Words Of Wisdom, Encouragement, And Kindness Into Each Other’s Lives. 

Don’t Let Negative Thoughts And Words Create Havoc In Your Relationship. So, Think Before You Speak And Be The Master Of Your Mind. Don’t Let Your Mind Be The Master Of You.