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Today this pic of me from 7 years ago popped up in my FB memories. I thought WOWWW Melanie you sure have changed. I remember the day I got all my hair cut off because I was moving overseas and I knew it would be hard to find a stylist in China. So as the barber cut my hair I started to change my mind because fear had a hold on me and wouldn’t let go. But, the barber assured me I would be ok. He talked to me while he kept cutting and as the hair was falling on the floor. He kept me calm, he told me I could rock the short cut like I rocked the long, he also told me everything I needed too do to maintain my cut...(he gave me the tools I needed). Needless to say I was ok.

Have you ever been in a situation where you really wanted to make a life change but when the time came Fear kicked in? What I will tell you is to make that change unapologetically and fearful! The only way to conquer your fears is to do it afraid. You Will Be Ok! Fear will come but when you grab a hold to faith fear will also go. Don’t let fear handicap you let it be a stepping stone to your next endeavor. You will never know your greatest potential until you challenge your fears. You just need that push and I’m here to push you. Now make that change!

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