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Mental Breaks That Make You Whole: Part I

Have you ever started a project or made plans to do something but couldn’t finish if you wanted to? If you’re honest we all have! That was me. I knew my purpose and my meaning, but I was mentally exhausted. For the last four or five months I haven’t written any blogs, finished any manuscripts, nor have I uploaded or done any videos. I have not been taking care of myself mentally. I’ve been doing what I love doing and that’s pouring into everyone else but, I didn’t pour into me. I didn’t refuel my energy, I didn’t recharge my mental battery, and I didn’t encourage myself. Who inspires and encourages the person that loves inspiring and encouraging others? I’m always telling others to take care of themselves but, I was so busy that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I didn’t forget about me I just didn’t make that quality time for me. I was putting off for tomorrow what should’ve been addressed at that present time. Have you ever decided to put something off for tomorrow what you should have done that day? Did your tomorrow ever come willingly or did it come forcefully by God? God has a way of making one get rest and it may not be the way that we want it to be. God will allow some people bodies to shut down and sickness soon follows. But, as for me I needed a mental vacation. I needed a mental break so that I could be whole mentally, spiritually, and physically. So, God made me rest.

Let’s see, in 2016 I was asked for a divorce, in 2017 I was divorced. Also, in 2017-18 I started a couple of businesses, wrote a couple of books, hosted 3 luncheons, spoke at a few speaking engagements, I went to a few business conferences and retreats where I also worked as a vendor, I was a co-author in 3 anthologies, and was the visionary and co-author in another anthology. I went to book signings out of town and held my own book signing in town and I did all of this while managing and operating my hair salon. This all took place over the span of 2 years and I was mentally tired. I love and enjoy what God has called me to do but I had to realize I needed a break. A mental break! I would go on vacations, but my mind would continue to work. I would be writing in my mind but not putting anything on paper physically. I could’ve stayed home for that. I needed a vacation from the vacation I was on.

Then, I started feeling lethargic and that’s when God gave me a very much needed but not wanted break. I still tried to fight it, but He made me be still. Thank God for Him making me rest! That’s exactly what I needed! It took longer than expected but I am refreshed. I fed my mind, body, and soul and started getting the rest that I needed. So, now I’m back in full effect! I’m In Beast Mode Baby!! My mental Break allowed me to have a Breakthrough instead of a Breakdown! I’m ready to work! My purpose is once again my passion and now I have the power to continue my journey? What About You? Are You Taking Care Of Yourself? Or, Are You Giving Your All To Everyone Else But Putting Yourself On The Back Burner? Please take care of yourselves before someone is forced to take care of you.

Wait For It..Part II. The Decisions I Took To Complete My Journey.

Author Melanie D.

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