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The Mouth of Babes

The time to listen to the voices of the younger generation has begun. In the first installment of The Mouth of Babes series "Divorce from my Point of View", author Melanie D. Phillips takes an upfront and personal look into the life of a young boy whose parents are on the brink of getting a divorce. Although affected and wondering how to live with the changes that his life could possibly take, he embarks on a personal journey to find peace and  sees his world restored through prayer.


Today's youth face many challenges that affect their lives on many levels. Many of their voices have been silenced by suicide, bullying, or the lack of attention. So many of them have been mentally affected causing them to live in their own personal prisons because they feel defeated by their bullies. So how do we help protect the ones we love? Or, how do we love the one that our loved ones need protecting from? In the second installment of The Mouth of Babes series “Love Thy Enemies” author Melanie D. Phillips takes you on a journey into David’s life as he is led to take a stand and speak out against bullying so that the death of his sister Megan will not be in vain.


About The Author


Melanie D. Phillips, entrepreneur, author, speaker, publisher, grandmother and woman of faith. A peaceful force awakened while journeying through life's tribulations, who has stepped out on faith in pursuit of her passion. Armed with the Power of God she survived the death of her marriage and discovered that God was leading her to start writing...It was out of that nudging in her spirit that the scales fell off her eyes and "The Mouth of Babes" series that speaks for the lives and experiences of today's youth was born.

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