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Here I am...

Sometimes you get into those spaces where you find your back against a wall and your faith in between a rock and a hard place. It can feel like the toughest storm is raging around you and the window you're forced to look out of is shattering with each moment. I mean, who hasn't had something terrible happen to them? We all have stories and we all could probably fill books with our victories, tragedies and lessons we've learned. My story started to get interesting a long time ago while being a mother, student, business owner and wife...but it's the 'being a wife' part that brings me to this point. You see I wouldn't have ever had the courage or strength for that matter to step out on faith to even write this post, let alone embark on the journey to walking in my gifts that I have. I truly believe that if I had not gone through what I had recently gone through, I would never be where I am today.

Now yes, I would have probably written a book or two (at some point), and I may have thought of an event and worked toward planning it...but there's nothing like a big ole push from God to really get you going. A little more than a year ago my whole world changed (I'll share what happened in an upcoming post so stay tuned) and I realized that there was no one on earth that I needed to be closer to than God. I was devastated and through my praying and time I spent with God, I found the strength and faith that I did not know I had. It's true what the elders say, "you never know how strong you are until you have to be strong." Everything I thought about my life and who I believed would be there with me once I arrived changed in the blink of an eye...

Although change is good, none of us are ever really ready for it, if we're totally honest. When I decided to listen to God while he was speaking to my heart, is when I started to swim instead of sink. I began to pick up the pieces of my life and like a divine puzzle threw out what didn't belong and worked on what needed to be there. I must say that the results are coming forth and I find joy in the pieces of me that I am allowing God to heal. I could tell you a hundred different things that I want to do with the gifts that God has given me, or think of something catchy to inspire you along your life's journey...But today I just want to start out by saying, Hi I'm Melanie D. Phillips and I am an author, business owner, organization founder and a true believer in the life changing power of God. I invite you to join me for updates, posts and spiritual inspiration as I go along my journey to living the best life that I can possibly live.

In Hope and Faith,

Melanie D. Phillips

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