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The Mouth of Babes - Our Youth

Today's Youth Go Through A Lot And They Are Confronted With Tough Issues Daily, Such as: Bullying, Body Shaming, Peer Pressure, Eating Disorders, And Etcetera. All Of This Leads To Low Self Esteem.

Therefore, Parents You Have To Make Sure You Communicate With Your Child Frequently. This includes Open Dialogue. Also, Talk To Your Child About Focusing On Their Strengths By Pointing Out All The Things That They Can Do Not What They Can't Do.

Parents, Purchase Or Create A Self Esteem Journal For Your Child. And, Have Them To Write Down Something That They Like About Themselves Daily. They Can Also Write Down Something Positive That They Did That Day. It Doesn't Matter How Big Or Small They Should Write It Down. Therefore, When They're Feeling Down Have Them To Pull Out That Journal And Read Over What They Wrote.

Our Youth Are Precious And They Are Our Future So Lets Encourage And Be Supportive Of Them.

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