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If Your Mind Is Blind, Then Your Eyes Are Useless

The Mind Is One Of the most important organs of the body but just because you have sight doesn’t mean you’re not blind. I couldn’t imagine losing my sight, my life as I know it would be much different. I would have to make major adjustments which would cause me to change and, the outlook on my life to change as well. But, if you have sight without a vision or plan it is the same as going through life blindly. It is like having a mind that is blind and eyes that are useless.

Do you have a friend that is always talking about starting a business, looking for a new job, or going back to school? And, every three to four months that person comes up with something new that they want to pursue but it never comes to fruition. They haven’t written any goals down, they don’t have a plan, nor a vision. They are just talking the talk, but nothing ever gets done. They have sight and can tell you what they would like to do in life, but they cannot see. Their plan is not in plain view. So, what do you do? Would you help them, and/or can you help them? If no, why? If so, how? Yes, let them know that help is on the way.

Start by helping them create a life plan and if you’re not sure how let me make it plan. Have them to write down every area of their life and rate themselves from 1-10 in those areas with 10 being the highest and 1 being lowest. Then:

Step 1: Assess Your Present Situation Write down your health, fitness, finances, children, career, spiritual life, hobbies, recreation, marriage, community, and self-development. Things that need changing in your life.

Step 2: Choose 4-5 Priorities That’s Most Important Look at the list above and choose which five are imperative and focus on them. Every priority should have its own page in document form. At the

top of each page write down a priority (i.e. marriage, health, finances, career). Then, the rest of the page will be left blank.

Step 3: Write Down A Vision Statement For Each Priority Write down your vision statement underneath each priority and write it in present tense. Include in your statement where and what each priority looks like in the future. Step 4: Create 3-5 Measurable Action Plans For Each Priority Write down what you’re going to do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly and how you’re going to live out your vision. These steps should be measurable and precise. For instance:

Vague – I will spend quality time with my spouse. Good – My spouse and I will have date night every Friday and then make plans where you’re going. Vague – I will pray twice a day. Good – I will pray for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. Vague – I will eat healthier Good – Make my lunch on Sunday nights for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

At the end of every stage, you will have 4-5 pages in document form, a priority written at the top of each page, a vision statement, and precise and measurable action steps.

Now You Can Open Your Eyes, Start Living Out Your Life Plan While Assessing Where You Are Weekly, And Make Sure You Have An Accountability Partner.

Author Melanie D.

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