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My Best Days, My Blessed Days

As I stand in the line in the grocery store watching mothers and daughters,

young, old, and middle aged there’s a connection that connection is the bond and love that they are sharing with each other. I overheard one daughter tell her mom “I’m cooking dinner for us tonight so pick out what you want to eat”. I also heard a little girl tell her mother “mom let’s go I don’t want to be in the store any more”. I laughed to myself as I waited patiently. The mother eyes connected with mine and we smiled and gave each other that mother to mother nod. We both knew that her baby girl was restless and it was about time for them to leave. Then, I got my bags and left the store and jumped into my car. While, I was driving I noticed a man standing at the bus stop looking confused and disheveled he totally looked out of place. I continued driving and watching him through my rear view mirror until the site of him faded away. As I arrived home my daughter came over and while we sat there conversing with one another she mentioned mom let’s take a ride to the store. Reluctantly I said yes. I was tired and sleepy but usually every Sunday we spend quality time together.

My daughter knew I was sleepy but it was all about us spending time together. She mentioned “mom you don’t have to get out of the car while I go into the store”, I smiled and as she saw the smile on my face she was excited. As we were driving we approached that same man standing at the bus stop. My daughter and I looked at each other and without pretty much saying a word we knew something was wrong with the gentleman. My daughter said “I wonder if he’s waiting on the bus”. We both knew the answer, so my daughter drove to the closest restaurant and we got him something to eat and drink. We took the food to the man and he politely thanked us. He didn’t eat right then but as we drove off we saw him grab that bag and start to eat. So, what does this have to do with Strengthen The Bond…A Lot! We know each other so well that when we are silent the silence of our voice speaks volume. The look in our eyes knows

what the other person is thinking and because of our bond the feelings we have for others is often times mutual. So, my question to mothers and daughters can your voices be heard when you are not saying a word? Can that look in your eyes determine how the other person is feeling?

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