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Birthing it!

As I stroll along Lake Michigan on a beautiful summer’s day with the rays of the sun shining down on me; I started thinking. I started thinking how God impregnated me with the vision to create Strengthen The Bond. I carried this baby for 10 months and “boy oh boy” it was the longest pregnancy one could ever have. Some nights it was long and sleepless and then other nights I slept like the baby I was carrying. Then, on May 13, 2017 I gave birth. Strengthen The Bond was here! It was an experience like none other. I was ecstatic and I celebrated as I praised God that my baby had finally arrived. There were mothers and daughters who showed up and was a part of the celebration as well.

The first couple of weeks I nurtured and spent time daily working on Strengthen The Bond. A month later I found myself just spending a few hours a week with the baby. Then, one day as I was sipping my tea I heard a whisper “please spend time with me”. It was my conscious. I thought to myself: “I do, I spend a few hours a week with you”. Then, I realized that the time I put in with Strengthen The Bond wasn’t quality time it was quantity. So, my question to mothers and daughters is…are you spending quality or quantity time with each other? Make the time you spend together a memory not a regret. Choose Well!

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