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2017 At a Glance

I laid across my bed thinking of my present, my future, and my past and almost became sad because at the beginning of the year my life changed drastically. But then I realized I have so much to be thankful for because the past is just that it is the past. Then I stood, and I was quickly reminded that I can stand tall with my shoulders back, chin up, and head held high smiling at the start of something new. 2017 is history and 2018 is a gift to me. I’m leaving all baggage behind as I take that last glimpse through my rearview mirror. I can move forward with my life in 2018 with a smile.

As I looked back over the year I understood that it would be a year to remember. I lost some things and people that I thought was very dear and near to me. But as I sat down and thought about what I lost I realized that I was being prepped and molded for the future things that God was preparing me to do and be. Life can be a mystery for some and life can be looked upon as a dream for others. But a portion of life in 2018 will consist of me encouraging families especially the youth while celebrating daughters and mothers. This is my new ministry this is my new life. I stepped out on faith and my life changed so fast what I left behind in 2017 is a thing of the past. I’m learning new things that I thought I would never know. As I continue to learn I have had the ability to grow. I’ve built this beautiful relationship with God at first it was different but now I know the reason. Because, God whispered in my ear and said if you continue to walk with Me 2018 will be the start of your new season. So, 2017 was just my stepping stone and I tried to stay the course. Yes, I became somewhat distracted but the route that’s mapped out in front of me has shown me that I can be pleased to satisfaction. 2018 here I am and with God as my co-pilot I can do all things because He said I can.

Author Melanie D.

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