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The Fear of Failure

Today was a great day after all I went through! I knew that I had a long day ahead of me as I was preparing to travel. I grabbed my suitcase and hurried out the door running late but I made it to the airport in time. There was no fear in sight but change happened quickly. The kiosk I used to retrieve my boarding pass kept telling me to go to the ticket counter to talk with a representative. When I got to the ticket counter the representative took my identification and proceeded to print out my boarding pass. There was no fear in site. Then I rushed to get in the TSA Security check point line, and if anyone knows about going through the line it can be ridiculously long. But, still there was no fear in site. I finally made it to the front of the line an agent looked at my ID and looked at my boarding pass and asked me, “Who is Heidi”? I said, I’m not sure but my name is Melanie Phillips. The agent looked me in my eyes and asked again, “who is Heidi”? I looked her in her eyes and said I’m not sure but I’m Melanie Phillips. The agent then said, “Well your boarding pass has Heidi Phillips on it”. There was still no fear in site as security asked me to step out of line and he walked me back to the ticket agent.

The ticket agent seemed nervous he figured something was wrong especially after seeing me and security approach him together. Security talked with the agent and then the young man’s manager joined in the conversation. I assured the both of them that I knew it was an oversight, but; I just needed it corrected so I could make my flight in time. “No problem”, the manager said as they quickly resolved my problem. I knew it was partially my mistake as well because I didn’t check the full name. But, I have to ask you, “What have you not committed to or checked out fully”? Are you half in or half out about a situation? Are you fearful about commitment? If not, why haven’t you made that commitment? Well, the agent dashed to wherever my luggage was and pulled it and changed the slip. He was committed to doing his job while he apologized immensely. He could’ve made that call to have the handlers pull the luggage and send it back up but he didn’t. All is good with no fear in sight! Security walked me back through TSA checkpoint and I made my flight in time. I’m on the plane now relaxing waiting on the plane to take flight but there was a delay…an hour delay due to mechanical issues. However, I was not fearful considering I had to reconnect to another flight with an hour and a half layover to spare. I was not fearful but concerned. So, we finally took off and I knew I may or may not make my connection but it was a nice calm flight until we hit turbulence. After an hour and forty-five minute flight we started to descend preparing to land the sky turned gray, the clouds were scattered, and we hit turbulence. This was not a small amount of turbulence it was major.

The plane rocked from side to side and everyone became quiet all of a sudden and the couple who were sitting next to me started holding hands. I looked at them and wanted to hold hands with them too but I decided naaaaaa. I will hold on to God’s unchanging hand instead. And, guess what? I became fearful! We bumped around in the clouds as we were flying over a huge body of water I dared not look down as I was sitting near the window. I knew then I wasn’t in control any longer and to be honest neither was the pilot. He was just doing his job and one heck of a job he did!! But, I knew God was in full control and as I continued to pray we still bounced around ‘uncontrollably. I was fearful of the unknown. I didn’t know what was going to take place and then the calm set in and peace was still. We no longer bounced around and the pilot announced that “Although, we are late and some of you may have missed connecting flights at least we made it to our destination safely”. So, what have you been so fearful of that kept you from stepping out on faith? Are you scared you may fail so you choose not to try? Or, Are you scared of the unknown? Step out on faith and don’t be fearful of failing and if you fail at something try again. What’s a failure without a try? We will not be a hundred percent in control of our destiny but God is. Therefore, those goals you’ve never set or haven’t completed don’t give up give it a try.

Author Melanie D

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